Welcome to my static site, which is indeed a proof of concept for FreeHost!
Some other sources hosted on FreeHost: Gameboy emulator ~ Neutral Drop vids ~ Screenshot directory

Game servers

Currently, I'm only running a single small Minetest server.
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 B+, DietPi
Version: Minetest-Final 6.0.0-dev
IP/Port: cddo.cf/46666

IRC server

IP/Port: cddo.cf/1337
Main hang channel: #theroot
FreeBox channel: #freebox
FreonLinux channel: #freonlinux

Using MultiServ...

/msg MultiServ @help
MultiServ: @register 'password' - Register your username
MultiServ: @login 'password' - Login to services
MultiServ: @claim 'channel' 'user password' - Register IRC channel to your nickname
MultiServ: @release 'nickname' 'user password' - Release your nickname if someone else logs on with it.
MultiServ: @topic 'channel' 'channel topic' 'user password' - Set your channel topic if you own the channel